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Photography is a unique and creative medium of self-expression. It is an art requiring aesthetic sense as well as technical expertise. A hobby that can be made profitable by going professional by the talented. With the explosion of the communication network, the growth of advertising, media, fashion boom and digital photography; it has now become a spare-time activity with great commercial value. Photos are an essential part in both print and electronic media. So this is an area which offers great scope for those who have an interest and attributes needed to be an expert.

  • What is it?

    Photography Club at Dronacharya College of Engineering is a very enthusiastic & active club for students desiring to capture every moment of life with beauty. It's a group of students who share a common passion for photography and meet regularly to showcase and discuss new ideas and thoughts.

  • Why is it?

    Dronacharya Photography Club is a platform for beginners and photography enthusiasts to interact, learn, motivate and to get inspired from each other. Club members work diligently to make every moment an unforgettable event by catching up it in its cameras. It also promotes photography as a hobby among the students.

  • Our Vision

    The rationale of Dronacharya Photography Club is to stimulate, enable and nurture a fraternity of photography enthusiasts for mutual benefit. We want to take photography homes. At all times we are busy encouraging everyone in using photography to narrate stories, self-expression or simply capturing emotions.

  • Invitation

    Whether your passion is landscape, portrait, documentary or something entirely unique, we're interested in viewing your interpretations. All students are invited to send images that best represent their own personal style. Image files may be in black and white or color.The images would be finalized by expert panel of judges from different background of Photography.

Latest Photos

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